WWT Ticket Portal

FAQs / Help

What procedures are in place to keep everyone safe?

We want to ensure your day is safe and comfortable and so we have safety measures still in place. Our staff and volunteers continue to wear face coverings inside, and we ask everyone to do the same if they can, and to respect each other’s space. We continue with our enhanced cleaning regime and provide hand sanitiser wherever it may be needed. By working together and being considerate of others, we can keep everyone safe.

Why can I book my day out?

We know some people like to plan ahead. While there is not requirement to book your visit with us, you still have that option available.

Can I use discount vouchers or Blue Peter badges?

If you have any special vouchers, including member discount vouchers or Blue Peter badges, please buy your tickets at our site on the day of your visit. They cannot be used to book in advance.

If I book online, do you issue refunds or can I move my ticket date?

We are more than happy to move future bookings to a new date but are unable to do so if the date on your ticket has already passed.

As a charity we can only issue refunds in certain circumstances. This does not include inclement weather. Applications for refunds should be received 48 hours before the day of the ticket. For example, if you have a ticket for Saturday, we would need to receive your refund application before midnight on Wednesday.

Please contact tickets@wwt.org.uk if you would like to change the date on your ticket or apply for a refund.

Why don’t you offer booking for members?

One of the many benefits of our memberships is that you can start your day out with us without having to worry about buying tickets. Following the recent changes to government Covid guidance, we’ve removed the need to book and members can once again enjoy a visit to our site whenever you like during opening hours.

Do I need to book to use corporate partner tickets?

Yes you will still need to book to use your corporate partner tickets to visit a WWT centre. To do this you will need to visit your dedicated partner webpage for more details. These webpage details should be in your confirmation email if your employer/corporate partner has provided you with codes to redeem or from your staff benefits portal if not. If you have any further questions please contact corporate-enquiries@wwt.org.uk.