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I’m a member, why do I need to book?

We need to limit the number of people at our centres each day to ensure that visitors and staff are safe. Therefore, all members need to make a booking, so we know we’re not exceeding the maximum safe numbers for each centre. There is no charge for this. You’ll be asked to show your booking confirmation and your valid membership card at the admission desk. 

Is my ticket for a specific day?

Yes, all tickets are valid only on the day specified on your booking confirmation. 

I bought a ticket before WWT centres closed, can I still use it?

Yes you can, we’ve extended all pre-existing admission ticket validity by 12 months. As long as your ticket has not already been redeemed, it can be used. Go to the Pre-existing ticket holders area of your centre’s booking page, make a booking and bring both the ticket and booking confirmation for checking on the admission desk on the day that you have booked for. 

Does the same apply for Corporate partner tickets?

Yes. Please book your admission tickets as usual, then proceed to the Pre-existing ticket holder area of the correct centre to book the day you will be visiting. You will need both a valid ticket and dated booking confirmation to gain entry. 

When do bookings open for my local centre?

Bookings for each week will be available from the previous Wednesday. So for example, bookings for week commencing Monday 29 June will be available from Wednesday 24 June.

How do I use the tickets and/or booking made online?

You will be emailed a booking confirmation that will include your unique reference number and a barcode. We would encourage you to keep this ticket handy on your smart phone and present the barcode at admissions. If you do not have a smart phone you can make a note of the reference number and read it out to admissions staff when asked. Alternatively, you can print out the booking confirmation. 

Please note that for pre-existing tickets (bought before June 2020) you will need both your original booking confirmation and new free booking confirmation, for the day and centre you wish to attend. 

Can I make group bookings?

While we have limited capacity at our centres we won’t be able to take group bookings. 

Can I purchase a ticket on arrival at a WWT Wetland Centre?

No. All tickets must be bought on our website and must be accompanied by a valid booking confirmation for the day of visit. 

Do you issue refunds?

As a charity we can only issue refunds in exceptional circumstances. This does not include inclement weather. Applications for refunds must be received 48 hours before the day of the ticket. For example, if you have a ticket for Saturday, we would need to receive your refund application before midnight on Wednesday. Please send refund applications to tickets@wwt.org.uk 

Is there wheelchair access?

Most of our paths and areas are designed for easy access for wheelchair and scooter users. A couple of our hides are unsuitable currently. Unfortunately for the time being we can’t offer mobility scooters or wheelchairs for hire. You’re welcome to bring your own mobility scooter or wheelchair as usual. 

What time can I arrive at centre?

You can arrive any time during opening hours on your chosen day, unless otherwise specified on your booking confirmation. You can find opening times on the Plan Your Visit page of your centre’s website. 

I still have a question, who can I contact?

Thank you so much for your patience and continued support during this time. 

We will have reduced phone cover over the coming weeks, so please email wherever possible, or leave a message and we will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you. 

Use our contact form to reach the right centre: https://www.wwt.org.uk/contact-us 

If your enquiry is about a payment or refund, please contact: tickets@wwt.org.uk